Monday 22 February 2021

Does the 'Battle for Stonebridge' film provide additional evidence on the Bridge Park Complex ownership case?



This film from 1987, transferred from tape (the quality improves), is more than a unique historical document, it has a direct bearing on last year's court case about the disputed ownership of Bridge Park which found in favour of Brent Council.

The  film was made by Franco Rosso and narrated by Linton Kwesi Johnson (Dread, Beat & Blood) and puts the project in the context of the 1981 urban uprisings. 

Importantly it perhaps provides answers to some of the questions that were asked during the court case. I don't think the  film was submitted as evidence, or if such a submission is permissable.

The section on ownership of the Complex occurs at 35.00 but much of the rest of the film puts flesh on the arguments that were made in court.

The passion and achievement of the group of young people who formed the Harlesden Peoples Community Council shines through. A comment on  You Tube says:

Insightful information behind Stonebridge Complex. Stonebridge Complex's history and fight for this Centre to enhance and benefit the local community is commendable and refreshing. The HPCC deserve a big applause and massive respect👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽✊🏼🤝🏽. We thank-you HPCC. They never gave up or give in, remained consistent and stood together to accomplish a well used and great centre for the residents of Stonebridge and Brent❤🤎🖤🧡🤍. Local authorities always have their own way as they hold the purse strings. We see how they push out brown and black people as employees to work on the building development at Stonebridge Complex and failed to provide employment opportunities to those skilled & employable living in the local community. Unemployment still is a big issue. Regardless HPCC paved the way, initated the idea and project...they deserve huge recognition. Many good times and memories had at Complex including attending leisure facilties, meetings, wedding receptions , parties, music concerts, health & fitness and educational courses etc. STONEBRIDGE COMPLEX HAS TO REMAIN AND MUST FOR STONEBRIDGE & RESIDENTS OF BRENT!!


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