Saturday, 19 June 2021

Brent Council's consultation on Neasden Masterplan marred by major data breach

Brent Council yesterday emailed local residents informing them of the consultation on the Neasden Stations Development Masterplan. The consultation was agreed at the last Cabinet LINK.

Unfortunately residents' email addresses were placed in the 'To' slot rather than bcc so private email addresses were revealed to all and sundry. That was not the end of the matter as the 'Recall' message issued when the error was revealed was also sent via the 'To' slot! Some 970  residents received up to 10 open such 'Recalls'.

This appears to be a clear breach of GDPR although likely to have been an accident.

Here are details of the consultation which officially begins on Monday:

Brent Council is asking for residents’ views on how the future development of the area around Neasden Underground Station might look.



Part of this exciting vision will include 2,000 new and affordable homes, new job opportunities for local people, improved and integrated cycling routes and new and better open spaces.

We want residents to have their say on the draft Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which will help guide and influence the development of Neasden Station Growth Area (NSGA).This includes land around Neasden Underground Station that the Council has designated for development in its draft Local Plan.

The document will be used by the Council to help decide which proposals should be given planning permission in the area.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your say on Neasden’s future!

Why we are consulting

How to get involved?

  1. Visiting Wembley and Willesden Libraries:  A copy of the SPD and feedback forms will be available for you to review and provide us with your comments. Your feedback can be shared with us via: 
  • Email: Scanning or sending a photo of the form to
  • Post: sending your feedback to NSGA MASTERPLAN SPD consultation, Regeneration Team, Engineers Way, Wembley Park, Wembley HA9 0FJ
  1. Visiting our webpage: A digital version of the document will be available as well as the feedback form: You can email your response via
  1. Visiting one of our drop-in events:  Council officers will be happy to talk you through the project and answer any of your questions on :  
  • Monday 5th July 2021 3-6pm, Neasden Town Centre, near Neasden Parade, 263-265 Neasden Lane
  • Friday 9th July 2021, 4-6pm, St Catherine’s Church, Church forecourt, Neasden Lane,  NW10 1QB
  • Thursday 15th July 2021,   4-6pm, The Grange, Neasden Lane, London NW10 1QB

The link to the Survey should be live from Monday HERE


Anonymous said...

There were ten emails in all, most sent to 972 identified people.

Anonymous said...

No doubt some junior officer will take the knife for this

Anonymous said...

Good old Rent City, no, I didn't spell our Council incorrectlty, which is the probably the Private Rental Capital of Britain, isn't it?

As for its other various titles and awards? Happiest Borough? Best Planning Dept? Best Council? Who decided all these awards? It certainly wasn't the residents who would probably agree that Brent is the worst Borough if only they were asked.

Alison Hopkins said...

I'm one of the 970 affected and have formally complained to Brent's Data Protection Officer. I suspect an underling will be the scapegoat, but this ought to have been subject to a double check.

The list of those copied in is, shall we say, interesting.

Anonymous said...

We've had our data breached by Brent Council officers on 2 recent occasions - they are risking our safety by their poor standards.