Thursday, 17 June 2021

Police activity continues following disappearance of Agnes Akom

 Police statement

A number of searches have been undertaken throughout the course of the investigation into the disappearance of Agnes Akom who was reported missing on Tuesday, 11 May.

An initial search was conducted at a commercial premises in North Acton Road, Ealing, which detectives believe to the principal scene of the investigation.

Police and forensic colleagues are expected to remain at a secondary location in Neasden Recreation Park, Brent, for some days to come as they maintain the scene and complete site examinations following the discovery of human remains on Monday, 14 June.

We understand the concern caused to local residents by heightened police activity and urge anyone with concerns to approach patrolling officers, contact their local Neighbourhoods Policing Team or call police by dialling 101.

We extend our thanks to local communities for their patience and support as we continue with our enquiries.

+ Neculai Paizan, 63 (11.11.57) was arrested on Tuesday, 18 May in connection with Agnes’ disappearance. On the evening of Sunday, 23 May, he was charged with murder and remains in custody to appear at the Old Bailey on Friday, 6 August.



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