Sunday, 13 June 2021

New North End Road/Bridge Road junction at Wembley Park now in operation


North End Road junction with Bridge Road

I was alerted to the opening of the North End Road/Bridge Road connection yesterday (thank you Amanda) and popped down this morning to check it out before the football crowds got going. There are no lights at the junction at the moment so ard drivers and pedestrians were a little confused. It may have got more confusing at later when the crowds and cars arrived.

You will see that there is a 7.5tonne weight limit at the junction. My questions to Brent Council Highways and Transport for London on how that will affect plans to divert buses down North End Road on event days have gone unanswered,

Asd you will see the gradient of the new section of North End Road is steep and the view from the lower section of North End Road towards Bridge Road is quite restricted at driver height so difficult to see vehicles turning right from Bridge Road.



The Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Measures (concrete blocks covered in mock greenery) are very much in evidenc and being used as resting perches by visitors.


The steps and ramps which used to serve North End Road now just lead from Bridge Road to Olympic Way. Michaela staff and students and local residents residents now have direct pedestrian access to North End Road.


The former busy bus stop opposite Wembley Park station has been removed along with the bus stopping place. As you can see more Hostile Vehicle blocks have been installed where the buses used to stop.  This means that passengers will continue to have to wait on the narrow strip of pavement outside the Bridge Road shops - not ideal for social distancing.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why this road has been built and how much it cost us? We managed a long time without it didn't we?