Wednesday 10 November 2021

Concern over felling of Malvern Road plane trees


Residents have raised concerns over the proposed felling of pollarded mature trees in Malvern Road, Kilburn. They appeared to be healthy and it was reported that all would be felled.

Brent Trees officer , Gary Rimmer said, 'We are removing 2 plane trees from Malvern Road because they have decay at their base, the removals are the result of our own surveying, no residents have asked for them to be removed.'

Local tree expert  Suzanne Morpurgo (Forestry Commission/RHS) told Wembley Matters that the Council removes the trees to stop bracket fungus spreading. Early action is taken to ensure that a falling tree (plane trees are tall and heavy) does not cause danger to the public. Higher winds, higher rainfall at different times, then droughts and heatwaves - all stress the trees to a far greater level than pre climate change acceleration

As we approach the season of dormancy and therefore tree works, people in Brent will be on the look out for any unnecessary loss of trees.

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