Monday 22 November 2021

End of the 'Wok & Roe' era in Wembley Park but Wimpy Bar soldiers on


Locals and football fans will be disappointed to hear that the owners of the 'Wok 'n' Roe' in Bridge Road  have sold up and will be vacating the popular Chinese, fish and chicken takeway after more than 30 years, in three week's time.

They certainly deserve a break and I understand that the sale has nothing to do with  competition from the plethora of takeways that have opened in the area.

They will be sadly missed - I wonder if the name will survive?

Meanwhile members of the Facebook 'You know you come from Wembley if...' have been  reminiscing about their youth in the Wembley Park Wimpy Bar.  Some were amazed that it was still open and even more  so that you could still get a glass of wine with your wimpy! It has kept up with the times by servving a vegan burger.



Wine on the top shelf


If anyone knows when the two establishments first opened please comment below.


Ben said...

Wimpy workers internationally are in dispute. I am calling on local people to Boycott Wimpy.

Martin Francis said...

Thanks Ben - have you a link to the campaign.