Monday 29 November 2021

Stand up for Brent children's right to play - take part in this London Play survey now



I have not forgiven Muhammed Butt and co for the loss of the fabulous Stonebridge Adventure Plaground.

Just look at the video above to see what our Brent children are missing out on as a result of the Council's action in removing the grant and earmarking the site for development.

London Play are running a survey aimed mainly at people (adults and children)  living on estates, or high density housing areas to try to ascertain the changing face of our communities with reference to children’s play.

They may be in receipt of some Lottery money in order to further some of their objectives regarding getting communities more involved in children’s play.

To take part in the survey follow these links: 


Children and young people survey link:


Adults survey link:

1 comment:

Redjaine said...

London play should have been the first people they should have contacted for the Roundwood Children’s play park, and no I will never forgive
Brent Council for the destruction of Stonebridge Adventure Playground and I’m sure I am not alone, Thousands will agree with me. What LBofBrent has done to young people with the total eradication of youth clubs, centres, and green space is unforgivable,
Especially as the bang on about being climate aware, air pollution, and green space and trees.
Stop shouting and shooting a breeze, Actions speak louder than Words.