Thursday 11 November 2021

OPDC planning policy stands by provision of a church on City Mission site in Harlesden in any future development - as long as the church wants it.

This evening Cllr Matt Kelcher raised the issue of City Mission Church under Any Other Business at the OPDC Planning Committee held in City Hall.

Kelcher asked the Head of Planning  specifically, whether, if the owners evicted the church now, and then submitted a new planning application in perhaps a year's time,  could  they get approval for a scheme which did not require provision for a church, as a precedent would be set.  If this happened, would the OPDC maintain its current stance on the church, despite the passage of time?

He was told that OPDC planning policy specifically states that there has to be provision for a church on this site in any future development, as long as the church wants it.

Since notice of a potential eviction of the church by the land owner/Development there has been widespread support for the church and its community activities.

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