Thursday 20 January 2022

Brent Scrutiny request key information on Low Traffic Neighbourhoods


 Cllr Roxanne Mashari's Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee did a pretty thorough job on the Healthy Neighbourhoods (Healthy Neighbourhoods and School Streets) issue considering it came up under Topical Issues at their recent meeting without a report from officers.

The Low Traffic Neighbourhoods issue which has aroused controversy was inevitably the main focus and there was close questionning of Cllr Shama Tatler with minimal contributions from Cllr Krupa Sheth. Cllr Tatler admitted to problems with implementation and blamed these on government/TfL requirements and a rushed timeline. Left to itself Brent Council would not have approached it in this way, it was claimed.

Cllr Mashari quoted the detailed critique submitted by thye Brent Cycling Campaign.

You can hear the full meeting above and make up your own minds.  The main outcome was that Scrutiny requested a full breakdown of money spent on the schemes and the amount left to spend. In addition Scrutiny wanted a full account of the lessons learnt.The aim was that the objective, supported by the majority of residents for clean air and a healtheir neighbourhood, would be fulfilled by better planning, engagement and consultation.

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David Walton said...

Also interesting is to look at the new Brent Local Plan Inspectors Modifications document which has South Kilburn's (many new sites) all separate listed as being located in the South Kilburn Air Quality Management Area and therefore all separate listed as car free housing developments. Central London public transport (all new sites) access being to blame for this.

Amazing then that Brent still can't connect these Planning Inspector site separations into a Low Traffic Neighbourhood South Kilburn Plan. Maybe the new South Kilburn of 2041 is not to be a neighbourhood? The present 'Plan' is unbelievably to double vehicle roads in South Kilburn, a regressive developer-led (lead) approach which is apparently unstoppable?