Monday 17 January 2022

Have your say on an exciting proposal for a Brent Music Academy accessible to all

 From the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

 We are working with local partners to create a brand new Brent Music Academy that will offer advanced training and work experience opportunities for talented young people from across the borough. From performance (any genre/instrument/style) to behind-the-scenes production and business experience with our industry partners, we’re hoping to provide additional professional opportunities to young people showing an aptitude and interest in the industry, regardless of background, formal training or prior achievement.


We know there is so much excellent music provision going on in the borough and so many talented young people with a range of interests and skills, so we are hosting a series of Zoom consultations over the next weeks to find out how the Brent community would like this new initiative to look and work. From content and types of training or opportunities offered, to location, dates/times, fees, etc., we’re looking to hear from any potential stakeholders (young people, parents, teachers, professionals, community groups) to help us design this new organisation.



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