Thursday 27 January 2022

The amazing Rumi's Cave send a 'Love Letter' farewell to Kilburn as they start packing for move to Harlesden



From Rumi's Facebook page:

We have been given a month to move into our new Harlesden premises. Seeing the Rumi’s area is quite a contrast to the little touches we added to make our Cave special.


Whilst we move and get our premises in Harlesden ready for Rumi’s Kitchen projects feeding the most vulnerable and looking after our elders. We are going to be moving some of our events to a temporary hall. Till we find our new Cave home.


To donate and support please go to your donations will be used to help hire a space in the interim, look for a new home and start this new chapter God willing.


It is a sad day for Rumi's Cave as they pack up to leave their base in Carlton Vale, Kilburn after many years of work with and for the local community.  They are moving to a small site in Harlesden but are looking for a larger space to carry out their many activities.

The move comes despite valiant and well-supported efforts LINK to save their facility in Kilburn. They said farewell on Twitter:


I responded on Twitter:

Dear @RumisCave it is an honour to have had you here in Brent and see the positive impact you have made. You have given back so much and long may your work continue elsewhere in the borough. Thank you.

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David Walton said...

That then looks like curtains for Carlton Community and Education Centre long since Brent half mothballed for 'land' even before this Rumi's Cave eviction. Agencies absolutely refuse to house services anymore in the South Kilburn many rivers flood zone.

In Brent business a new Carlton tower(s)perhaps? And Merle Court next door has been in poor build/ inflammable cladding scaffolding for two years ('they don't know what to do with it' mode like Granville New Homes), so demolition for new tower pending 2022? Countryside Developer next door to that already with the first new SK tower on site....

What's not in the new Brent Local Plan is fascinating. How can housing blocks with a life of 10 years be South Kilburn Growth Area Policy called high quality housing by Brent? Rhubarb.