Wednesday 11 January 2023

Brent and Camden come together for meeting on the future of Kilburn High Road - January 23rd at Kiln Cinema 6-8pm



From Brent and Camden Councils

Help shape the future of Kilburn

Calling everyone who lives, works and plays in Kilburn – we want to hear your ideas on how to make Kilburn even better!

Join us at the Kiln Theatre on Monday 23 January from 6-9pm to meet new people, discuss Kilburn's future & enjoy live music and free refreshments.

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David Walton said...

Fade to Grey Brent Kilburn (Green open spaces total unmapping) and the National Planning Poilcy Frameworks Duty to co-operate as a tick box exercise.

How about the flooding of Brent Kilburn from Camden Kilburn uphill and Westminster Kilburn uphill east as an issue? True, Brent Non Kilburn does flood Maida Vale Conservation Area down River Westbourne.

Or Brent Kilburn south of the electrified mainline railway severance being rendered a Not Kilburn, Non Place, Place Un making chaos zoned project?

Granville (open to all faiths and non community centre) is 2022 brownfield listed and being built on. Granville Road Public Open Green Space is brownfield and green unmap disappeared in a new planning application Brent has registered. While council weak protected South Kilburn Public Open Green Space is in new 'proposal' threatened with having its woodland area built on and destroyed after which 'the Un Plan' will then change yet again. Public services and facilities removal is being escalated to total.

Kilburn Square its 1970's modern design is not Land Registry registered ( Westminster social estates all are) and since 2022 brownfield listed.

In Brent Local Plan Queens Park is Kilburn's competing for every resource town centre arch rival closeby to the its west, that is where Brent faclities invests to serve also the private conservation houses of Brent Kilburn 'village.' Go West as the answer to the Brent Kilburn fail problem.

Add Westminster Kilburn not co-oprating across borough boundary either and its toxic and destructive by Local Governments misrule. Brent 2023 does not even FOI requested know how many people live in its Not Kilburn Tall Building car-free housed Intensive Growth red-lined zone. Thats planning a quintupling of population zoned by 2041 in year 22 now of its market 'delivery' Wembley style? Bring on the public owned land zone new remediation by design architecture..........