Tuesday 31 January 2023

Brent Green Party sends message of solidarity to striking Brent NEU members

The news that National Education Union members in Brent will be striking on February 1st is welcomed by Brent Green Party, who together with  the Green Party of England Wales as a whole, support all workers taking part in the current strike actions.

We recognise that NEU members are making just claims for pay increases that at least give some respite from the pressures of inflation which is outpacing the incomes of many except wealthy cabinet ministers and donors to Tory party coffers.

We know that the issue is not just pay, the NEU strikes and others are in defence of proper public provision in such vital areas such as education, health and transport. A viable low carbon economy can only be built on these foundations, so the strikes of the NEU members in Brent and many other trade unionists are an important part of wider struggles which are vital to us all.


Peter Murry, Trade Union Liaison Officer, Brent Green Party

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David Walton said...

And, take ALL education land use places off the crazy Brent Brownfield sites Register 2022.

Get Levelling Up funds in to modernise Growth Brent education facilities instead, rather than perma-degrade and educators morale being damaged by BROWNFIELD MORE LAND ONLY 2022 working conditions.