Tuesday 24 January 2023

57 room hotel in Wembley Central to be replaced by 315 room 'Aparthotel' - Exhibition January 31st 3-8

 The densification of the Wembley High Road area will continue if a proposal for the development of the site of the Elm Hotel (also known as Euro Hotel) and the nearby disused church at 10 St Johns Road goes ahead.  The developer, Wembley Ltd is proposing that a 315 room 'Aparthotel' (A form of hotel having self-catering apartments instead of bedrooms or suites)  replaces the 57 room Elm Hotel. The development will be a further intrusion into suburban housing.


The purple pin marks the site with the disused church above and to the left

The Exhibition on the site at the junction of St Johns Road (off Wembley High Road ) and Elm Road. It will take place on Tuesday January 31st 3pm-8pm.

Wembley Ltd say:  

The team’s vision is to transform the existing hotel into a much needed 315 guestroom Aparthotel helping to fulfil the significant demand in the area for high quality hotel and hospitality facilities as well as providing new jobs and additional uses for the site. The plans incorporate the adjacent site at 10 St John’s Rd (containing a disused church) and will also provide new active ground floor non-residential space. The intended design fully respects the location close to the high road but within a residential area. It has been carefully considered against key views to ensure the building makes a positive contribution to the townscape. The building will meet high sustainability standards, will minimise car use and maximise walking and cycling for residents and visitors



Anonymous said...

The madness of planning continues.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what Brent Council will allow. Metro homes and gardens designed for families of five turning into concrete boxes for the poor.

Anonymous said...

Is this how people should live, basically a 350 person house share

Anonymous said...

And what impact will this have on local water supplies and water pressure? And local sewers? 325 rooms replacing 57 rooms means
258 more kitchens and en suites facilities needing to use local water supplies and sewerage.

We've just had a burst water main in Wembley High Road and we had one last year in Harrow Road - clearly the current infrastructure can't cope yet they keep giving planning permission for more properties in Wembley!

To come in Wembley - all to be connected to local water supplies...

- old Woolworths store to be flats;

- old job centre to be flats;

- site of old Copland School to be flats;

- buildings opposite old Copland school to be flats;

- plus 500 student accomodation flats to be built also opposite the old Copland school site - please note neither the students nor the building owner will have to pay any council tax yet they'll be using all of our local services;

There are probably more that we've not heard about 😞

David Walton said...

Good point about sewers capacity building to support re-development in Wembley City.

Not considered as yet either in year 22 of South Kilburn re-development by Lead Local Flood Authority Master Developer on this 45ha public land. Victorian heritage brickwork combined sewers (rivers and sewage together) 'lost' underground and a hidden crisis.

Instead of its C20 parkland flood defences for homes being well protected, hills surround this topographic 'low spot bowl', a doubling of narrow vehicle roads between new car-free intensive housing blocks the Master plan.

People are going to be flood trapped in what will be known as Big Venice, lifeboats fitted to the sides of all homes. A zoned innovation building of climate crisis as new opportunities.

Brent should publish the Section 19 Flood Investigation for the South Kilburn Major incident 2021 floods that it has been sitting on since June 2022, instead of putting forward proposals to build on the Central Park land use here which is part of the All London Green Grid protected (according to the Leveling Up Ministry and National Planning Policy Framework).

Anonymous said...

What a particularly stupid idea, where will they park the 350 vans? How did the present building get planning permission while the adjacent homes how to comply with the Planning Policies?

Shame on the Planners if this is allowed, but then there ill no doubt be internal pressure to allow this. Predetermination rules?

David Walton said...

Old Oak Common being the London terminus station for HS2 is an interesting smart city planning idea pitched yesterday, given Wembley -Park Royal- Old Oak mega City is happening slow anyway, why not?

Saving taxpayers billions by not tunneling from Old Oak to Euston with the sole purpose of increasing congestion in West Central. The billions saved could be spent making Wembley plus mega City human habitatable (equitable population data based new community facilities, public services and green spaces infrastructure- statutory required so as to avoid un-plan and un-map non-delivery massive political risk).

Visit new Kings Cross to get an idea of what would happen at Old Oak Common/ Harlesden south. The land between OOC and Action Central Elizabeth line would be a high value London place to live.