Tuesday 24 January 2023

Preston Community Library Fundraiser at The Windermere on Sunday 29th January



Anonymous said...

@wembley matters - fundraiser this must be a joke?

The library have £61,000 in the bank in grants from Brent while the local food bank can get nothing from the Council?

See tinyurl.com/5x56xw73

Anonymous said...

The long and the short of it is, pardon the pun - Any grant/s, now ancient, can be located within Brent's archives for grants given to community organisations. So you'll see the comment has a slightly erroneous figure for NCIL grant/s from Brent Council. Fundraising for the now Community-run library in various forms has been the main stay, since its inception (it is hoped to return it in better condition than when it was lifted out of the pulping machine ! Some of The Library's activities include, 'Warm Coats' appeal, life changing support that has enabled jobless to gain qualifications, confidence, CVs; SEN support for parents in desperate need; Apprenticeship support enabling families to move into more secure accommodation with better wages, and yes more recently support for FoodBank temp. storage being considered ! Just a few of the life changing little items that local libraries quietly do through their volunteers.

claremounties said...

Preston Community Library's Trustees judicious management of the Library's finances deserves to be commended, ensuring that there are sufficient funds to meet obligations; 'some' of which are outlined. With commitments of 4-5 figure annual sum to meet energy/utilities bills (ongoing); 4 figure one off for legal fees to finalise the lease for the acquisition of the new Carlton Avenue Site; 4-5 figure sum relocation costs to Carlton Avenue, and ancillary incidentals earmarked; notwithstanding day-to-day running. Our commitment to preserve and deliver to ALL the community requires tremendous effort; personal donations of food and raffle prizes; (and sometimes personal sacrifice); from the Trustees and all the Volunteers. Every penny recieved is hard-won, and re-invested back into the coffers, to provide this facility to many in our community who may have limited resources, or indeed wider family/friends to support.

Longfieldmounties said...

Maybe its a mistake or an evasion at Companies House - 2021 = £0 funds, 2022 = £61,072 funds? Is 2022 'ancient'?

They care for the less fortunate but not the unfortunates who are their neighbours and live next to them at the 'new carlton avenue site'.

ALL the 'community' that is except their neighbours next to or opposite the library site - quiet 'life changing for them' as well - being overlooked in their living rooms bedrooms and gardens in blighted houses.