Wednesday 18 January 2023

How can the 'You Decide' process for Council grants be made fairer?

 November's Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee, which was also attended for two items by the Chair of Community and Wellbeing Scrutiny, was notable for the contribution of residents to the item on Brent Council's Grants Programme. Key points were made questioning the fairness of the 'You Decide' meetings that allocate grants including the packing of meetings by some groups and the disadvantage of not being used to public speaking.

The Committee also considered the Borough Plan with questions asked abou the lack of much mention of the council's climate emergency structure.

The Committee made a range of recommendations.

The Minutes of the meeting are now available so I have embedded them below for your perusal and as an example of effective scrutiny.


Anonymous said...

Article 10 discusses Police Engagement in Brent, along with Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Ward Panels.

As we seldom see any Police in Wembley other than in vehicles racing up the High Road.

Is there anyone out there that can answer the following questions:-

1. Has anyone seen or heard of the SNT in Wembley?
2. Who are they, and how many?
3. When, Where, and how often do Ward Panels take place?
4. What do they do? and what's the objectives?
5. How often, when and where do they publish the crime statistics?

Anonymous said...

Checked Met Police Wembley website for any info, last time was updated was September 2022, no email or phone number for SNT Team, no info on Police Sergeants or Officers. Newsletter doesn't show any info regarding SNT's in Wembley, which leads me to believe one of the following, either there is no crime, or nobody bothers to report it as there is no SNT in Wembley.

Martin Francis said...

There is a Barnhill Ward Panel that I was briefly a member of. Panel consisted of local residents mainly from Conservation area bit of Barnhill ward and ward councillors plus community police officers. Crime maps were presented and residents brought any concerns. I did not continue as I felt panel was not representaive re ethnicity, age and area in which members lived.