Monday, 9 January 2023

LETTER: The rotten stench of neglect


Dear Editor,

I've often written on Wembley Matters about how South Kilburn is neglected by Brent Council, the apparent thinking being that if they put up nice looking new buildings (don't look too closely inside), no-one will notice the lack of concern for the maintenance of the area.

I could do so again, since so little changes, but of immediate concern is a single example of the extent to which Brent shows little concern to sort out the most extreme of issues.

Since the heavy rain early last week, there has been a pool of stagnant, stinking water at the bottom of Coventry Close, just off Kilburn High Road (photo). This has been reported to Brent almost since it appeared, and repeatedly by several residents since. Apparently there was an unsuccessful attempt to clear it towards the end of last week. Since then nothing.

As with so many issues, reports to the Council receive little useful response. Repeated messages to officers and Councillors have had no reply until this morning (Monday) when we are simply told by Council officers that they know about it. It may (?) be that they deal with it today, but why does it take the best part of a week to sort out an extreme health hazard. People walking past think it smells of raw sewage, residents close by cannot open their windows. How long would it take for Brent Council to act if this was in the more affluent areas of the borough or even outside the Civic Centre?

Pete Firmin


Anonymous said...

Where does all the CIL money generated by the regeneration go? These are funds earmarked for infrastructure needed to support the added units - 1500 more

David Walton said...

Another example of South Kilburn quintupling its population by 2041 on a Victorian combined sewers system being unable to cope?

The Mayor of London has a Public Land Registry Map for London online which will be of interest. In South Kilburn this map shows most of the new high density blocks built on what still remains public owned land. How brutally narrow the 'public open space' (vehicle roads) is become given its car-free/active travel housing zoned at mega density masterplan?

Granville New Homes remediation disaster built on yet to be replaced Granville Road Public Green Open Space 2010 is apparently no longer public land anymore?

Kilburn Square is not registered in its current built form, but as the Victorian houses it was built on instead, very much like how unregistered South Kilburn Public Green Open Space is there for all to see public registered as the 47 Victorian houses that it park land use replaced way back in the 1960's.

Anonymous said...

The welcome to kilburn sign says the home of wembley

Pete Firmin said...

Some buck passing going on here. Brent Council told us on Tuesday (a week after it had been reported to them) that they had passed it on to Thames Water to deal with. Today, after checking it out, Thames Water says it is Brent Council's duty to clear it. Deja vu.

Anonymous said...

Just walked down Ealing Road in Alperton, Wembley - uneven and loose paving in many places making it difficult to walk in safety - drains clogged with pools of water around them - paan spat everywhere making the area look filthy - is this really Brent in the 21st Century???