Thursday 14 July 2011

Get down to Kingsbury High School Tonight to Oppose Academy

Following on my warning in last week's Willesden and Brent Times of a last minute Summer term rush to academy status I have received the following message from a local parent:

This evening, at the Upper School Site, Princes Avenue (6th Form Building, Block D)  the Kingsbury High School governors will vote on whether to turn KHS into an academy.

Parents and public have been invited to attend as observers. Unfortunately some of us cannot attend as the meeting clashes with an important event at Oliver Goldsmith School.

Please could as many of you as possible attend this meeting so that governors can see how strongly people feel about this issue.

Staff have been balloted and the result is being kept from staff and parents until the meeting. Staff were also unhappy about the way in which the ballot was conducted and have very deep concerns. We understand that during the meeting, a pupil petition will be passed to governors along with minutes of the parents' meetings and results of the staff ballot. Plus any parent email responses to the proposal. The presence of parents at the meeting will ensure that we are fully informed about exactly what information is given to governors before they vote.

If governors vote "yes" tonight, it will almost certainly lead to divisions in the school, including possible strike action from staff. If they vote "no" or to postpone the decision, we can welcome this as an opportunity to have a more thorough consultation with parents, including a ballot.

Please do your very best to be there!

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope they don't make a big mistake!