Saturday 9 July 2011

Old St Andrew's footpath cleared

Last month I highlighted the fly-tipping at Old St Andrew's Church Yard in Kingsbury LINK. The main dumping was on the public footpath leading from the church yard to St Andrew's Road.

I recently bumped into the local street sweeper and he told me that his supervisor had asked him to clean up the path in addition to his normal work when he had time.

I was delighted today to see that most of the bulky fly-tipping had been removed, including toys that appeared to have been dumped over the fence of the nursery.  I had sent links to my posting to Streetcare and the vicar of St Andrew's and perhaps that had some impact.

There are still some discarded carrier bags and beer cans which appear to be dumped by people who use the ancient church yard for drinking sessions, but it is good to see some improvement.

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