Saturday 16 July 2011

More Brent Council cuts ahead

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The financial difficulty facing Brent Council is starkly illustrated by this table from the Budget document going before the Executive on Monday. More light may be shed on the situation when the local Government Review is published later this month and the Council is able to forecast its revenue more accurately. However, the figures are not likely to change very significantly and further cuts are likely if the Council continues its present policy.

The situation makes it even more important to develop mass resistance to cuts and challenge the government's policy.

Clive Heaphy, Director of Finance and Corporate Services, outlines savings that can be made through the One Council Programme and tight control of expenditure elsewhere. The sharing of more services with other borough and a full review of grants to voluntary organisation are envisaged. In a key passage Heaphy refers to:
Areas no longer funded by specific grants (e.g. Sure Start) where it can be assumed that no service will be continued  by the Council unless a business case can be made to justify their continuance along with identified funding.
There will be a budget 'Away Day' shortly when councillors and officers will consider the areas for review for the 2012-13 budget (see below):
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Anne John OBE and her buddies yet again squandering more Brent residents money
Perhaps they could hold it in Tesco's cafe in Brent Park and she could pick up one of those books she so loves to buy.