Friday, 4 May 2012

Barnhill By-election Result

Michael John Charles Pavey - Labour - 2326 votes - 56% (elected)
Kanta Ratna Pindoria - Conservative Party - 1180 votes - 29% (not elected)
Martin Francis - Green Party - 457 votes - 11% (not elected)
Venilal Vaghela - Independent - 156 votes - 4% (not elected)

Number of ballot papers rejected 77
Turnout 38%

Many thanks to all those who voted for me and supported my campaign. Pushing above 10% is a move in the right direction but Brent Greens are still waiting for the breakthrough.  Thanks to the other candidates for their straightforward campaigning.

Ultimately the national mood swing against the Coalition and towards Labour was the default position for many people I spoke to when campaigning. National issues rather than local issues such as the closure of libraries were cited as their reason for voting Labour.  Nonetheless I congratulate Michael Pavey on his election and will be in touch over Barnhill and Chalkhill issues regularly in the future.

I think it would be misguided for Brent Labour to take this result as a vote of confidence in their policies and continue to ride roughshod over local residents.

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