Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Kensal Rise emptying stopped after protests

Outside Kensal Rise Library earlier today

The local press are now reporting that after protesters tried to prevent council officers removing books and equipment from Kensal Rise, and after telephone conversations with Brent Council leader-elect Muhammed Butt, that the emptying has been stopped.

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Anonymous said...

Considering that Brent will probably dispose of the majority of the book stock to the recycling company that they don't like to talk about,their claim to re-distribute it is laughable.If you look at the newly refurbished Ealing Road library it has a lot of space and much smaller bookshelves (less books of course)with almost all new stock. They are unlikely to use much of anything they remove from Kensal as it had been deliberately run down and ignored for years.

The Local Don. said...

Who do these council officers removing books and equipment from Kensal Rise work for? (BRENT COUNCIL)

The emptying stopped when instructed by Muhammed Butt. Who does Muhammed Butt work for and what is his position? (BRENT COUNCIL/LEADER OF BRENT COUNCIL)

Why is everyone under the impression Brent Council works for them?

The Local Don.