Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mohers deny role in John's ousting and threaten libel action

I received the following e-mail yesterday from Jim and Ruth Moher.
Dear Mr Francis,

16th May 2012

On Tuesday 15th May, you republished an item on your 'Wembley Matters' blog headed, 'BNCTV names the Mohers as possible conspirators behind John's ousting'.

This is a scurrious libel on us from an anonymous 'source' by BNCTV, which you have given much wider circulation to. It is extremely damaging to our reputation in the Brent Labour Group of councillors and Party and  Brent Council. It is completely untrue.

We demand an unreserved apology from you and equally prominant space to rebut it on your blog. We are also taking legal advice as to how best to proceed in law against BNCTV and you for compensation in  respect of this very serious libel.

yours sincerely,

Jim and Ruth Moher
Ruth Moher was confirmed as Deputy Leader of Brent Council at yesterday's Annual Meeting of the council and Jim Moher continues as an Executive member.

I responded to their e-mail thus:
Dear Jim and Ruth,

I am not sure if WM has a wider circulation than a TV channel. As my blog states I am happy to publish any comments etc and will be happy to a publish any guest blog that you wish to write setting out your position and also Tweet it so that it has the same circulation.  

As I understand normal proceedings in such cases that arrangement would mean no further legal action would be taken.

If you send me your statement in the body of an e-mail or as a word document it can be put up on my blog within minutes. I will be going out about 6.30pm so if you can get it to me before then it will be published before the AGM.


Martin Francis

No statement for the blog arrived before I went out but I will post it as soon as it is received. I look forward to it with interest.

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weggis said...

Sounds to me like your blog may be more influential than you think ...