Thursday, 17 May 2012

Statement by BNCTV on Jim and Ruth Moher

BNCTV (North West London) has put out the following statement regarding their story 'Forward Together But Who Is Behind Ann John's Deposition' which was also carried on this website.
Councillor Jim Moher strongly denies any kind of involvement in the selection process for the Leader Brent Council. He is adamant that the information revealed by BNCTV NorthWest London in our article “Forward Together But Who Is Behind Ann John’s Deposition?”, 15/05/12, is not true. He also feels that it might be damaging to his reputation, which we think should not be regarded as such.

It is only fair to say that the information included in the article stating that “A source within Brent Council has told BNCTV that Councillors Jim and Ruth Moher could be the people who played major part in this selection process” should not be regarded as a valid point. Although playing part in a selection process might not be bad in itself, regardless of any conspiracy theories one might think about, we would not want Cllrs Jim and Ruth Moher feel bad about it.

We are more than happy to clarify this.

On several occasions, speaking with and interviewing both Jim and Ruth Moher, they always came across as nice and honest people and we strongly believe that.

The selection process for the Leader of Brent Council, as put by the new Council Leader, Cllr Muhammed Butt should only be regarded as “purely democratic” process.


Anonymous said...

It's funny watching them all squirm.

Trevor said...

Brent council has a slogan they use which says " building a better borough".
I think the only way they can build a better borough is by improving their standards especially when it comes to providing homes for people.
they must make sure that adequate sound proofing material is put into every new home they build so that the people that eventually move in, do not end up paying rent to live in a haven of torment which council and private housing tends to be in this country.
it is made worse by the fact that in 1990 the house of lords passed a law so that councils are not obliged to make sure that the housing they provide has adequate sound proofing material.
instead the law allows the councils to take action against the neighbours accused of making alot of noise.
now I can only assume that that law was passed because for one thing it saves the government and council money that they would otherwise have to spend on putting in adequate sound proofing material?
also I think that although some people do make their neighbours lives a misery by making excessive amounts of noise, however if all homes were built with adequate sound material as standard, I reckon that although people would no doubt continue to be antisocial and make alot of noise, the fact is the sound proofing material would prevent the noise seeping through into people's homes.
the prime minister has been quoted as saying he gets it...well I don't think he does get it...I don't think any politician gets it really because the world they live in is different from the world the rest of us live in.
when david cameron wakes up in the morning he is disturbed by his neighbour dragging a chair across a uncarpeted floor and trust me I don't know many that apprciate hearing that irritating sound at 5am in the morning let alone 11.30pm at night when one is trying to sleep?

Anonymous said...

But they both definitely voted Cllr Butt for the leadership.

Anonymous said...

What is social justice.

Unknown said...

What is real democracy and social justice? Anyone.