Thursday, 17 May 2012

We were engaged in a democratic process - not a conspiracy

Ruth Moher
Jim Moher
Muhammed Butt
The majority Brent Labour Group on Brent Council have recently had  their annual  elections for Leader, Deputy Leader and Executive. As usual,  this involved a range of contests for different positions. This democratic  process resulted in some significant changes at the top, with Cllr Muhammed Butt replacing Cllr Ann John as Leader. 

Suitable tributes were paid to Cllr John for the long and sterling service which she has given to the Labour Party and Council, which we endorsed.

As long-serving activists in the Labour Party and as senior front bench councillors, we favoured the change and indeed Ruth stood for and was elected as Deputy Leader, without challenge. Jim was returned as
Executive Member for Highways and Transportation, again without challenge.

 In the circumstances, we entirely refute the gossip which  you retailed from a BNCTV item which was based on an anonymous and mischievous source. It implied that we may have been involved in a conspiracy to bring about the change of Leader, an innuendo which your headline circulated widely.

The truth is that we took an active and open part in a democratic process, that is all. As elected public representatives we take exception to such 'sour grapes' gossip being given credibility by your blog. This leak is only an attempt to deflect from the fact that a majority of Labour councillors thought it was time for a change.


Anonymous said...

With due respect to both Cllr Jim & Cllr Ruth Moher they cannot deny the fact that they both did not voted for Cllr Ann John, and their votes crowned Cllr Butt as the new leader of the Labour Group.

Anonymous said...

Cllr James Powney and Cllr Aslam withdrew their nomination papers against Cllr Ruth Moher for the post of Deputy Leadership. Was this a result of a deal in advance for 2013 AGM????