Thursday, 3 May 2012

Brent library visits and issues plummet

The results of a Freedom of Information request by library campaigners on the number of visits and issues at Brent libraries since the closure of six of them have now been released. 

The March figures fit very squarely into the pattern which library campaigners described at last month's meeting with civil servants - usage rose (compared with March 2011) at the two libraries (Kilburn & Town Hall) with increased opening hours, but actually fell at all the other libraries. Total visits and issues at all Brent libraries both fell by some 30% compared with March 2011.

Campaigners now have figures for six months since the closures in October 2011. In those six months, Brent libraries had 20% fewer visits and 21% fewer issues than in the preceding six months. From October 2011 to March 2012 there were 18% fewer visits and 26% fewer issues than in the same months of 2010/11.

Click on righthand bottom corner to see full table Kilburn Library will soon close for 16 weeks for refurbishment at a cost of £650,000.

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Anonymous said...

Labour smash tories in barnhill regardless of the libraries. time to forget this campaign? labour wont listen as clearly theres no impact upon them