Saturday, 5 May 2012

Green progress in London elections

Green candidate Jenny Jones has come third in this year’s London Mayoral elections.

The Green vote on the London Assembly was also the third highest, meaning the party has overtaken the Liberal Democrats to become London’s third party.

The Greens also finished in the top three in five constituency elections.
Jones said: “This is a wonderful day for Green politics. 

“The almost exclusive focus on the two frontrunners in the Mayoral election meant that any other result was very unlikely, but our resolutely positive campaign has stuck to the issues affecting Londoners and the policies to address them.

“I am over the moon that these messages have resonated. We’ve been able to dispel the myth that when times are tough, green politics are a luxury. More and more Londoners are realising that social and environmental justice are tied together inseparably, and with more Assembly members the Greens can help ensure that the Mayor is held to account on his promises and that City Hall can help create a city more equal, affordable, healthy, and safe for everyone.

“And we know that this campaign has attracted some wonderful bright, dedicated and loving young people to the party, who will pick up the torch and carry it forward in the interests of London’s future.”
Jones received 98,913 votes compared to 91,774 to Brian Paddick in fourth place. 
On the Assembly, the Greens received 189,215 votes compared to the Liberal Democrats on 150,447.
The Greens came third in Barnet and Camden, City and East, Greenwich and Lewisham, North East and South West constituencies.

Shahrar Ali, the Green Party candidate in Brent and Harrow, said: "I thank the 10,546 Green voters of Brent and Harrow. We have increased both our vote and vote share across the electoral constituency and we will be back for more. I look forward to receipt of the detailed results in a few days, which I think will show even big advances in places where we campaigned hardest."
Shahrar Ali continued, "I congratulate Navin Shah on his excellent win, where he will be joined by our two London wide Assembly Members Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson. Across London, the Greens came third and we have overtaken the Lib Dems in London for the first time in electoral history."
Commenting on the prolongation of the count for Brent and Harrow, Shahrar Ali said: "I was an observer at the Brent and Harrow count throughout the day, from 8am to 11pm. From the outset, I found I had to make several complaints about what I witnessed as sloppy handling procedures. I think the discovery of two thousand ballot papers whose votes had not initially been recorded, and the need to rectify this, was partly a result of poor handling processes. Whilst I have every confidence in the result, I shall be raising my concerns with the requisite authorities."

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Trevor said...

Like everyone, I started of ignorant...but eventually I learned.
and One of the most important things I learned was that Voting is a waste of time.
Count how many years people have been voting for political parties?
don't you Think that if voting is the way forward,things should be so much better by now?
instead things are getting worse...and I am personally sick and tired of this whole political process.
no political party will ever deliver us out of the mess we are in.
afterall when you have people in power that put the pursuit of money ahead of everything else, you can only expect the country and entire world to be in the mess that it is in.
I read on a website earlier about david cameron saying that he gets it...I say he gets nothing....if he truly got it, he would be so sickened I don't think he would want to remain as prime minister.
yes people, a major part of the problem in this country is the government.
yes rather than being part of the solution, they are instead part of the problem.