Friday 8 June 2012

June 13th: NHS under the knife

Enormous changes to our local health services are being proposed. They include the merger of Ealing Hospital with Central Middlesex and Northwick Park, permanent closure of A & E at Ealing or CMH, or both, and moving many services out of hospitals into the community.

Unless we campaign to oppose them, these changes will open up even more services to the private sector to be run for profit. The population is growing and health needs are increasing, while NHS budgets are being cut.

Community health services are already understaffed and overstretched. If new services are not put in place before hospital services are withdrawn, the most vulnerable patients will suffer

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bigbreadeaterellis said...

again I say that we cannot expect a government that has a history of putting profit before principle to actually deal with problems such as this one in a consolingly way.