Sunday 10 June 2012

How's this for a new Brent logo?

Martin Redstone suggests this as the new logo for Brent Council. He notes: "The logo  was designed for the Madhatters Theatre Club's 2003 production of The Government Inspector (by Gogol) Guess what the satire was aimed at!". See LINK

 Commenting on the new Brent logo LINK Martin said,  

It is appalling. Brent Council's coat of arms is a historic and proud insignia, but I assume Brent don't want to keep anything historic/heritage.

Also it won't print so well in Black and White and will therefore cost more to print and will look rubbish as a photocopy.

It is a meaningless symbol.

Finally, whatever happened to the motto 'Forward Together'. Presumably this is not the modern ethos of Brent.

What a waste of money.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It only cost £2000 in house - and looks like it.
If it was in house - why did it cost anything?