Thursday 14 June 2012

Now rubbish lands on the Town Hall's doorstep

We are all becoming familiar with the mattresses that are left all over the borough, often it seems after short-term tenants move from a property (or are evicted).

One arrived on the Town Hall's doorstep at the weekend and was still there earlier this week.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it belonged to Ann John

Martin Francis said...

Tut, tut. Let sleeping dogs lie.

bigbreadeaterellis said...

I'm more concerned about the pavements being used as unofficial make shift ashtrays and pavements and bushes being used as dustbins for dumping empty cigarette packets and all types of things.
where I live on chalk hill road one can stand and observe people walking by and dropping things and walking away without a care.
and as far as i know Brent council are not taking any action to deal with this longterm problem.
this morning for example I spoke to a man who I had observed dropping an empty cigarette box into some bushes near where I live on Friday evening.
so this morning I decided to speak to him and asked him if he would drop empty cigarette boxes inside his flat?
he just looked up at me tutted, made a gesture with his hand for me to go away and walked off without picking what he had dropped and disposing of it in the proper way.
and yet on the same Friday I observed a man who dropped something in a irresponsible way onto the grass across the road.
so I politely asked him to please put it back where he had found it...and to my surprise and joy he did so without hesitation or attitude and actually apologized for initially being irresponsible.
whereas the man this morning seemed to have an attitude and refused to act responsibly.
now if the council where to strictly impose a fine for every time people disposed of litter in the wrong way, I think we would see the litter problem reduced dramatically, because if people know it will cost them financially every time they behaved in an anti social and responsible way, that would soon make them change their habits and attitudes.