Saturday 16 June 2012

Preston Manor moves towards Trust status

Preston Manor All-Through School has launched its bid to become a Cooperative Trust with a public notice (below) in local newspapers. At the same time Alperton Hugh School is moving to convert to a Cooperative Academy.

The distinction is important, the former remains locally authority funded with national conditions of service for staff, the latter follows the government's privatisation route. The concern of many, including myself, is that Trust status is only a transitional step to full Academy status.  We will need considerable reassurances from Preston Manor that this is ruled out as an option.

The counter-argument is that Trust status, in a period when Michael Gove is using various methods to try and get all schools to convert to academies (including forcing schools such as Downshill in Harringey) that a Trust gives some kind of protection.

The Preston Manor Co-operative Learning Trust Statutory Notice

Notice is hereby given in accordance with section 19(3) of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 that: the governing body of Preston Manor School intends to make a prescribed alteration to Preston Manor School which is a Foundation School located at Preston Manor School, Carlton Avenue East, Wembley, HA9 8NA

The proposed alteration is to: Together with one or more of the proposed partners to acquire a trust established otherwise than under the School Standards and Framework Act 1998.

The proposed name of the Trust will be The Preston Manor Co-operative Learning Trust and the proposed implementation date is 31st July 2012

The Trust does not already act as a foundation for any foundation or voluntary school.

The proposed members of the trust are:
§ Co-operative College (1 Trustee)
§ The Local Authority (Brent Council) (1 Trustee)
§ The College of North West London (1 Trustee)
§ Wembley Schools Cluster (1 Trustee)
§ Woodfield Special School (1 Trustee)
§ Preston Manor School (2 Trustees)
§ Trust Forum or Council (2 Trustees)

In addition, learners at the school, parents, staff, members of the local community and local community organisations will be able to become members of the Trust. The Trust will have a Stakeholder Forum composed of members, which will be able to appoint some of the Trust’s trustees. As the Trust develops the Trust will welcome other schools joining the Trust.
The rationale for acquiring the Trust, the contribution it will make, and the direction it will provide to the schools can be summarised as follows:

Our desire to be at the heart of our community leads us to seek new challenges and opportunities to help children fulfil their potential. As an all-through school, we build relationships with local families in our Lower School through to our Sixth Form. 

Formally embracing Co-operative Values would reinforce our emphasis on placing responsibilities before rights; this has been embodied in the school motto, Munus Prae Jure, since 1938.

We believe that acquiring Co-operative Trust status will help us to further develop our community and social dimensions and to make this school even better. The proposed Trust, supported by a range of partners and stakeholders who are united behind our vision, will enable the school to benefit from their skills to enhance learning. We hope to not only transform the life chances of every pupil that passes through our own school, but to have lasting positive impact on the wider community as well.

This notice is an extract from the complete proposal.

Copies of the full proposals can be obtained from or from the school by writing to the Governing Body (address above) or e-mail

Within four weeks from the date of publication of this proposal any person may object to or make comments on the proposals by sending them to the school at or in writing to the Governing Body of the school (address above). 

Ms Christine Collins
Chair of the Governing Body
Dated: June 14th 2012

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