Saturday 30 June 2012

Wembley Consultative Forum on July 4th

The next Wembley Area Consultative Forum will be held on Wednesday 4th July at Patidar House, London Road, off Wembley High Road. The meeting starts at 7pm. Get there a little earlier to fill in a form if you wish to speak at a Soapbox.

  • Parking Charges - an update
  • Tackling illegal waste dumping
  • Shaping a Healthier Future
  • Localisation of Council Tax Benefit
  • Wembley Area Action Plan
  • Draft Cemeteries Strategy

1 comment:

bigbreadeaterellis said...

the only words worth listening to are matter what is said during this forum things will remain the same.
we will continue to pay council tax while street drains remain blocked solid...the day the council actually make sure that the work we pay to be done is actually done and try to find a way to stop this borough becoming more dirtier than it already is, is the day pigs will fly and we all know that will never happens in reality...only in fairy tales and it is a fairy tale that brent council are helping to build a better borough...i dont believe a word of it...when the council start doing things properly and the residents play their part then and only then is their a chance of improving what is meant to be our home...