Sunday 1 July 2012

Find out about Green Party candidates for leader and deputy

With nominations now closed we can look forward to an interesting election campaign for Leader and Deputy Leader of the Green Party.  It is a strong list of candidates and I hope we will have  wide-ranging debate about the party's political direction and its strategy for increasing the party's membership and activist base.

All the candidates have set up websites which you can find below:

Candidates for Leader of the Green Party (Alphabetical order)

Pippa Bartolotti

Natalie Bennett

Peter Cranie

Romayne Phoenix

Candidates for Deputy Leader of the Green Party (Alphabetical order)

Caroline Allen

Will Duckworth

Richard Mallender

Alexandra Phillips

Election Timetable
·  late July/early August - ballot papers issued with Green World
·  31 August 2012 - voting closes
·  11am, Monday 3 September 2012 - declaration of results

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