Saturday 28 July 2012

Wembley Central station patched up in the nick of time

Wembley Central station in June
Signs of possible work last week

Wembley Central station on Wednesday

I have been recording how the condition of Wembley Central station has deteriorated over the last few years of regeneration and speculated about whether any  improvements to the station exterior would be ready by the time of the Olympics. Well I can report that a quick patch up job hiding the exposed joints was done by Wednesday but it is far from the smart station that we were promised in the regeneration publicity. See below:


Trevor said...

you are much older than me but nevertheless despite my age I can no longer be fooled by big promises such as the promise to turn wembley central station into the picture below your post.
what I believe is that people that live in the inner cities always get "affordable" things and affordable means poor quality and very basic.
plus inner cities always have those in it that behave as if they don't know what dustbins are for?
so they use the pavements, bushes etc as make shift dustbins which then makes the "affordable" area we live in look unappealing which is why when you have things like the Olympics the council has to desperately paint over everything to make it look nice but they can't fool the people that are accustomed to living in a "affordable" area.

Anonymous said...

It is up to the housing market, as regards how much development around and above Wembley Central takes place.

A well-connected area with excellent public transport will make up for 'inner city' deficiencies - and lift up the wider area.

Wembley Central will likely eventually be on a second Crossrail branch, with many more long-distance trains stopping, and carrying you across central London, instead of merely to Euston.

Martin Francis said...

I think this is an example of private affluence-public squalor. The station refurbishment should have been in the Section 106 agreement. Incidentally Southern trains stop at the station and go through to Clapham Junction and East Croydon via Shepherds Bush. The interchange between those platforms and the Overground/Bakerloo have been made easier.