Saturday 14 July 2012

Officers recommend go ahead for ASDA petrol station

The planning application for the building of a petrol station in the car park of the Wembley ASDA store was called in by Barnhill councillors Michael Pavey and Shafique Choudhary.  It will be considered by the Planning Committee on July 25th.

The officers reject objections that have been made on grounds of increased traffic congestion, increased danger for children and the elderly at the Forty Lane/King's Drive/ASDA intersection, and noise and nuisance to neighbours. They say that it is not within the planning system's purview to consider whether this would lead to over-provision of petrol stations in the vicinity.

On the capacity of the ASDA entrance road, Forty Lane and King's Drive intersection the report says:
Previous capacity analysis carried out for the signalised junction at the Asda entrance onto Forty Lane suggests there is plenty of spare capacity at this particular junction, so the predicted increases in flows are not considered likely to give rise to any junction capacity problems at the site access
The photograph below, taken recently, shows traffic at the intersection:

Traffic at ASDA entrance road/.Forty Lane/King's Drive

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bigbreadeaterellis said...

only time will tell if the judgments of cllr's Michael Pavey and Shafique Choudhary prove to be sound.
My opinion is that allowing it to go ahead will indeed increase Traffic congestion but will also increase profit for asda and I assume that asda already surely make enough money from it's customers?
1. once again the poor quality of social housing continues...where I live for example, not even twenty years has passed before cracks start to appear in the window frames...when I moved in in 2001, not even the bedroom door had been painted properly.
the doors of the cupoboards in the kitchen are starting to fall apart.
part of the balconey door is broken and when I reported it I was told that basically I have to pay to get it doubt as the years go by things will continue to deteriorate and the housing association won't do anything despite the fact that it is their property.
I think that if social was built to a high standard and if more money was given to make that possible then these problems wouldn't start to build up as time passes.
The pattern is the same as Chalkhill, the council allowed the tenants to ruin it.
a similar thing is happening to the new estate.
people are ever increasingly dropping litter on the pavements and using it as a unofficial ashtray which makes what should be a pleasant place look unpleasant.
yesterday evening I observed a teenage " hoodie" dropping litter on the pavement from my kitchen window.
I wish now that I had shouted down to him to pick it up find a bin and dispose of it properly.
but should I or anyone really need to do that?
it's not as if that person didn't know that what he did was wrong and anti social.
but someone needs to draw to public attention and the council and housing association are not doing that even though they should.
the council seems more interested in helping certain supermarkets make more profit than they already are.
the council needs to get it's priorities right...@ a time when the public are crying out because they are struggling to pay their rent for example or are finding it ever harder to find somewhere to live, that is where the councils attention should be focused.
after all what is the point in having as a slogan " helping to build a better borough" when the reality is they are helping supermarkets to become richer.
2. the social housing continues to be what I describe as " havens of torment".
when I moved to chalk hill estate in the late 1980s I quickly started to be disturbed by my neighbors.
plus there was a serious cockroach infestation on the estate and they would be is a wonder I did not end up having a nervous Breakdown while living that chalk hill estate is no more, the new estate has similar flaws.
there continues to be inadequate amounts of sound proofing material between the walls and so once again the chair scraping problem continues.
where I live it starts from as early as 4-5am in the morning and it wakes me up and I get really stressed and upset.
I have approached the housing association about this but they are not interested.
also where i live there is a growing infestation of moths that keep coming into my bedroom in particular and I have choice than to kill them when i see them and it has ruined the walls in my bedroom because it has horrible brown marks that are left behind when I flatten them.
I am getting increasingly stressed and sick and tired of putting up with this plus the noise from my neighbors.
also when I hang my clean washing out on the balcony they come in dirty because there is so much dirt in the air.
this is why I say chalk hill road is becoming like the old chalk hill estate and if that is allowed to happen I think it will cause serious problems.
the public deserve much better and we are not getting it.
we want decent housing not more petrol stations...