Monday 2 July 2012

U-turn if you want to - this gent is not for turning!

"I will not bend"
The Newsletter of Brent Council's Chief Executive always makes fascinating reading - particularly between the lines:

The June 21st Newsletter exalts in the close relationship between officers and councillors and gives this insight into Gareth Daniel's view of decision making. It sounds as if he has formed his own version of the 'No Turning Back' group which was formed to prevent any change of mind on Margaret Thatcher's 'reforms'.:
Gareth Daniel in 1982
Once any necessary consultation has taken place, we should always move confidently into action mode and when we make a decision we need to stick to it.  Nobody respects an organisation that bends to the demands of every pressure group or the inevitable special pleading of sectional interest groups.
Presumably this is what he is saying to Muhammed Butt, the recently elected  'official' leader of Brent Council.

I guess people who believe in the importance of libraries are a 'sectional interest' group, as are those who believe in the importance of early childhood provision, or even those who think it is quite nice if people have a roof over their head...

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Ossian said...

How much does he get I wonder? His sectional interest is favoured, I'm sure. I hate pompous clowns who think because they're given the keys to a big car and have control of some organisation that they are also philosophers and big shots as well, whereas they are only windbags and bullies.