Thursday 26 July 2012

Willesden woodland cut down - not quite in its prime

The carved  'woodland' installation of trees, animals and birds outside the Willesden Green Library and Willesden Bookshop was torn down today and disappeared on the back of a lorry.

Locals, already bemused by the installation which appeared as if by magic overnight some time ago, are perplexed about its removal and concerned about its fate.

Was it robbery, vandalism, an art 'happening' - will it be sold as firewood, donated to a nursery, put in storage for a return to the proposed Cultural Centre, or be the centre piece of the Civic Centre atrium?

Who knows.....

How much did it cost....?

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Ossian said...

I think it was part of a storytelling project, complete with Big Brother type speakers on the adjacent lamppost, with children expected to sit on the little seats and listen. The speakers droned on for a while but stopped eventually. I've never seen any child sitting there. I don't criticise an artist for having a go but that is not how storytelling works. (Do I need to add "Duh"?) It might be how brainwashing works in somebody's bureacratic fantasy.