Wednesday 11 July 2012

Greens: End PFI scam and stop privatisation of the NHS

Greens have called for urgent action to cure the NHS of cancerous PFI payments and have written to the Secretary of State for Health calling for action to ensure that health care provision is maintained rather than allowing hospitals to go into administration. The Greens are the only mainstream party to oppose PFI and to campaign to stop the privatisation of the NHS.

The revelation that the South London Healthcare NHS Trust is going into administration with debts incurred by its contracts under PFI (Private Finance Initiative) has come as no surprise to the Green Party. The Green Party has warned of the financial dangers of hospitals being built under PFI. The news that up to 30 other Trusts may be facing administration has prompted the call for action to prevent closures.

Adrian Ramsay, Green Party Deputy Leader, said: "It is time to cut out the cancerous PFI deals that are killing the NHS. While successive governments seem to find billions to bail out banks and to quantitatively ease the economy they seem utterly beholden to the companies that they now rent hospitals from having sold them off in the first place.

"The PFI deals were simply an accounting fix that put money in the pockets of big companies and locked the NHS into huge debt. The taxpayer will end up paying £63bn towards hospitals that cost £11bn to build. As hospital trusts go into administration we can expect to see health care provision drastically reduced. This is unacceptable and the Green Party has written to Andrew Lansley calling for a solution that protects services.

"It is surely time to end the PFI scam and let the NHS focus on providing care for patients, not profit for shareholders."

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trevor said...

once again I say that when you have democratically elected hypocrites at the wheel of government who decide that they are going to allow people to exploit the public for profit and then that results in 130.000 people dying from lung cancer every year, should we be surprised when those same wicked hypocrites start drawing up plans to privatize the nhs?
isn't it painfully obvious that these hypocrites put profit before principle?
there is a saying that a leopard never changes its spots and the same applies to politicians.
all of them are hardened and follow the same pattern of putting profit before principle.
money has become the cement that politicians use to build up this country.
but has it been a good idea?
when 130,000 people die every year is that a sign that putting profit before principle is a good idea?
it is no wonder why this country is in such a mess and I feel sorry for people because they have suffered and they are going to suffer even more as long as we continue to have hypocrites running the show.