Monday 9 July 2012

Kilburn celebrates despite the rain and tennis

Despite grey skies, sudden heavy rain showers and a tennis match on the other side of London, Kilburn came out to celebrate yesterday at the Kilburn Festival.

Tara Brady, senior reporter at the Kilburn Times (pictured), was there with colleagues, once again in solidarity with the local community. This time the paper supported people as they battled with rain and mud, rather than the usual struggles over cuts and closures.

It was good to see all ages and ethnicities coming together, epitomised by communal dancing drawn from Brent's many cultures, and sad to reflect that following cuts in the Festivals' budget there are fewer such opportunities now.

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bigbreadeaterellis said...

the day when brent council starts to live up to the slogan's it loves to use and actually has the support of the public and the government stops using exploitation to make money that will be the day to celebrate
but since i know that will never happen in my lifetime I don't think there is any reason for celebrating.
the day we have a good and competent council along with a good and Competent government then we should by all means celebrate but again that is never going to happen no matter who takes over ruining not running this country.
after all when you have a government that actually say's that it believes that people have the right to smoke when smoking causes 130,000 people to needlessly die every year, does not speak volumes about what sort of people are behind the wheel of government?
I still have not learned to write properly but one thing i have learned is that you do run a country or build up a country by ruining it.
allot of people don't believe in god but the bible foretold that our time would be known for being a critical time hard to deal with for several reasons.
1. men or people in general will be lovers of money.
2. lovers of themselves.
3. having a show of godly devotion but proving false to its power to change people for the better.
now when you look @ the country would you not agree that all those things have come true?
when the people that are meant to be running the country put profit before principle will that result in happiness?
well i have not seen many people lay up in hospital rejoicing over having lung cancer...yet if the politicians had put principle before profit i reckon there would be few people dying from lung cancer.
as for people being self obsessed well that has come true too...when the politicians were setting the traps that would cause 130,000 people to die every year they were just thinking about themselves.
after all if they had paused to think about the people that would have made them think twice but they didn't.
and then last of all the false show of godly devotion...that is the biggest insult of all because people should know that the purpose of True Christianity is two fold.
1. it changes people for the better and when that happens it reduces problems.
2. it gives people hope for something better and when people have hope it gives you encouragement to keep going.
and this is where the pretense of being a christian nation comes into focus...since christianity is meant to change people for the better why are people behaving more badly than ever?
and since the bible gives us hope of a better life why are so many people despairing?
well it is because people are often not willing to change and so resist submitting to allow god to change them for the better.
and because the hope the bible offers is often so distorted and hid from the public it is no wonder why people despair.
and for good reason the bible advises those that are wise to take notice of it to not put our trust in human governments that consistently fail the people, but instead put our trust in god's government that has all our best interests at heart and won't fail us.
and lastly many will surely object to what i have written saying what religion got to do with wembley?
well it has everything to do with it...because unlike brent council and the governments, god's government will make wembley a paradise whereas brent council has made wembley a haven of torment and exploitation.
everywhere one goes all we see is cigarette stubs and litter in bushes and on the pavements instead of being inside rubbish bins.