Wednesday 11 July 2012

Poor TV signals in Wembley - any advice?

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Hi I would appreciate any help from anybody more knowledgable than me on this subject.

I live in Wembley, as you may know the erection of the monstrous stadium was erected in the last few years, now there is non-stop building works of huge new buildings. Flats, tall ones!

Since all this, my television and phone reception, along with all my neighbours and family have been affected so badly that I can no longer even speak to people on my mobile, and my TV just freezes ALL the time, at least twice a day...I don't even watch that much TV, maybe an hour a day at MOST.

I live in a nice area in Wembley where the council tax bills are so large I feel like I'm paying it like a sucker.

Such a large proportion of Brent council's income comes from me and my neighbours round here and now we can no longer make full use of our technology, which we need for work etc. No doubt this has devalued the house, as my neighbours have recently sold their house and had been told by estate agents that they had to drop the price as people would realise how bad the signal is and find it terribly impractical.

I have spoken to the council and they do nothing but brush me off!

Is there any legal action I can take? I have lived here for 20 years and loved it, now it's a nightmare!

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Martin Redston said...

Yes indeed, this is happening all over London. I was involved with similar issues when Canary Wharf buildings started to appear, towering over the two storey homes of the local community on the Isle of Dogs. I think that it was taken to Court, but, guess what, nothing was done. The Shard creates a similar local problem around Borough. The answer is to subscribe to cable (Virgin media). It gives a much better signal anyway. Martin R