Wednesday 18 July 2012

Romayne will be a vigorous, campaigning Green Party leader

This is my personal choice as the next leader of the Green Party.

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trevor said...

what this country needs is a government that puts people's needs first.
a government that will no longer permit expolitation of the public as a means of raising tax revenue...a government that won't allow wrong to become right and then have the nerve to turn around and condemn people when they do wrong...after all if wrong has become right in britain and much of it due to government then how can the government complain when the public start to do wrong.
we need a government that keeps its eyes and ears open...the current government have both closed but expect us to believe they wide open...the reality is if the government truly opened it's eyes to the wrongs it has done and and it's ears to the cries from the people who are suffering because of the government then it would and should fall over itself to reform things...the reforms it is bringing won't make things better @ all.
we should remember that these people are experts @ causing problems...@ no time should we look to them to deliver us...where we are is down to them not us...don't forget they are the ones steering the country to ruin...we need good drivers @ the wheel of government...Will romanye phoenix prove to be a good driver?
only time will tell...