Friday 13 July 2012

'Super contractor' bundle for Brent's waste, street sweeping and parks?

'Geometrical' plant maintenance via power saw

The above picture illustrates the kind of parks maintenance we can expect with sub-contractors: neat and tidy but totally insensitive to any appreciation of the natural and aesthetic nature of shrubs. This was well illustrated by bags of compostable materials consisting of flowers in bud and blossom that had been shorn off in a shrub equivalent of a 'Number 1'.

Brent Council has said no more about its plans to privatise the Parks Maintenance Service but I understand that the Council's Environment and Neighbourhood Services Department is now looking to procure a 'super-contractor' to take on waste management, street cleaning and parks maintenance as one deal.

This will rule out any in-house bid by the present highly skilled parks maintenance team as well as  contractors who specialise only in waste. It will favour the current holder of the waste and street sleaning contract, Veolia, which already provides parks maintenance services in other boroughs and has the Regents Park contract.

Veolia has attracted adverse publicity because of its activities in Israel and the occupied territories and gave Brent Council a rough time over changes in the waste management and street sweeping contract almost a year ago. LINK


trevor said...

it's a pity they can't privatize the people who help to make chalk hill road for example look like a new style dustbin and ashtray.
but seriously my opinion is privatizing street sweeping won't make any difference except that Brent council will save money and it get the feeling that is what it is all about.
the people that keep street sweepers will continue to give them something to do and you won't see any real noticeable difference.
I mean think back to 97 when new labor promised that things could only get better with them in power...did it?
did you notice any change?
I didn't and was anyone surprised when the public got rid of them in the same way they dispose of litter?

Trevor said...

about 45 mins ago I observed a teenager from my kitchen window walking by and I watched him drop what appears to be an empty potato crisp packet on the pavement and something else and just walk on without any concern @ all for what he had done.
now sadly this is a very common problem on chalk hill road, anyone passing by could be forgiven for thinking that people that live here do not know what a dustbin is for?
the reality is that teenager knows full well what a dustbin is for but just does not care and I reckon to show and prove how deep rooted this careless attitude is I bet if there was actually a dustbin in front of him he would still just drop it on the pavement.
not that he is too lazy...after all what does it take to open the lid of a dustbin and drop litter into it and close the lid?
again it is just a bad attitude that is @ the root of this problem and the council's plans to privatize street cleaning won't make any difference to the bad attitudes of many people that live on chalk hill road.
and if anyone doubts me i suggest you take a walk along chalk hill road anytime and guaranteed you will see no end of litter on the pavements and on the road.
people also use the pavements as ashtrays and bins for empty cigarette packets.
so not only do people not care about the environment,but they have been born into a society in which self abuse ( smoking damages health and anything that causes damage is abuse and when people do it to themselves then it can rightly and should be defined as self abuse)is permitted.
it isn't encouraged anymore but I belong to the generation that remembers when it was encouraged.
yes the shocking reality is that the wicked hypocrites currently falling over themselves to so call reform everything in sight( except smoking) belong to the same group that @ one time permitted cigarettes to be advertised.
so they actually allowed self abuse to be promoted.
that should be unthinkable when you consider that this is meant to be a Christian country...but for those that know what true Christianity is can take one look and say with confidence that Britain is as Christian as Satan the devil is.
I mean one sign of true Christianity is living by Christian principles.
and apart from loving the god Britain claims to worship, we are also obliged to love our neighbors.
now for anyone to set up a business that sells the means of destroying health in return for money, that is not a example of loving our neighbors.
neither is it an example of putting principle before profit.