Saturday 30 June 2012

We are being denied 'rightful access' to funding for day-to-day living - Disabled People Against Cuts

Report from Kate

I Went down to the Royal Courts of Justice this morning, where an application had been made by members of the Mental Health Resistance Network for permission for a judicial review of the work capability assessment process. A judge was deciding whether or not people with mental health issues should be able to apply for a judicial review of the WCA process. 

Adam Lotun, press spokesperson for Disabled People Against The Cuts, said that Employment and Support Allowance work capability assessments had developed “into a vehicle that is being used to deny people [with disabilities] their rightful access to funding and resources to assist them in their day-to-day living.” 

He said that the other reason for seeking the review was to stop the same damaging process being used to assess people on disability living allowance as DLA is phased out and replaced with the personal independence payment – “we want to stop the killing of the disability living allowance.” 

“These (benefits) were brought in to ensure that people of all different levels would be able to get access to funding, or resources, to enable them to cope and exist with the rest of society. Well, now that’s being taken away from us.”

 Claimants argue that the work capability assessment process discriminates against people with mental health issues.

 Result from the end of the day: Adam Lotun texted to say that: “The judge will give a decision early next week. In closing remarks, the judge said that this is something that involves hundreds and thousands of people,” and that there was concern that people would ultimately fill the court system with individual claims.

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bigbreadeaterellis said...

we can and should expect this kind of treatment from politicians...after all they were willing to allow us to be exploited by greed driven tobacco companies for money...and so now they are pushing ahead with these cuts in order to save money...doesn't that speak volumes about what type of people make up Britain's governments?
and naturally New Labor will be there telling us we told you so!!!
oh if you had voted for us we would have done things differently.
well they had their chance to prove themselves and they blew many of you would trust tony Blair or Gordon brown or Jacqui smith for example ever again?
there is a saying that if we play with fire sooner or later your going to get burned, well i think it is safe top say we are roasting @ present and crying out in agony and who is listening?
David Cameron?
oh his ears are shut because he believes he is doing the right thing...but who should people someone who belongs to the gang that is responsible for allowing the exploitation of the public by means of tobacco that has resulted in 130,000 deaths each year from lung cancer?
if our rulers will actually allow problems to be created just for the sake of money then we should expect nothing but problems and that is exactly what is happening.
and really we only have ourselves to blames if we keep looking to them to deliver us.
if these people are the answer we would be in living in relative paradise by now but instead we living or suffering in a haven of torment and exploitation.
what we badly need is good government a government that is qualified to take on the responsibility of leading the country.
a people that don't believe that you build up a nation by exploiting them.
when we we finally have a good like that then we will finally be able to live in peace and security.
and one more thing, if you go digging through a dustbin the only thing you expect to find is unwanted trash...likewise we will never find anything good in politicians...enough time has passed to prove that is a fact and sad reality.