Tuesday 5 June 2012

Opposition as Wembley ASDA seeks to expand its empire

Forty Lane.Kings Drive and Asda access road last week
Strong opposition is building to plans by ASDA to built a four pump petrol station in its extsing car park in Wembley. (planning Ref 12/1268) The Walmart owned multinational withdrew a similar plan last year.(11/2679)

Local Labour councillor and chief whip, Shafique Choudhary, has called for the consultation period to be extended to six months rather than the present 'derisory' 14 days. (It was advertised on May 31st and will be decided no earlier than June 21st so the period was actually 21 days).

Residents are concerned about the dangers posed by the increased traffic at the junction that they feel will arise from the location of a petrol station there and have pointed out that other filling stations already exist in close proximity to ASDA. The junction has seen a number of collisions in recent times and there have been injuries to pedestrians as a result of crossing Forty Lane at the Town Hall bus stop.

Residents with flats overlooking ASDA are also concerned that the petrol station would already increase the significant light and noise nuisance from the store.

Lay out (petrol station lower right)
ASDA claim that the impact on traffic will be 'negligible' and that the majority of users will be existing customers using the car park.

Full details can be found on Brent Council website HERE

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