Monday 15 August 2016

Brent Council claims 11.3% reduction in its carbon footprint

From Brent Council

A recent report LINK shows Brent Council's carbon footprint has reduced by 11.3 per cent, totalling approximately £220K worth of savings per year.

CO2 emissions have reduced from 14,189 tonnes in 2013/14 to 12,585 in 2015/16, creating a total reduction of 1605 tonnes. The reduction will continue as our Carbon Management Programme works towards its target of a 15 per cent total reduction.

This will involve replacing streetlights with greener LED upgrades, encouraging staff to reduce the energy used in council buildings and aiming to retrofit some buildings to make them more energy efficient and better for the environment.

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Anonymous said...

I imagine there is a link between Labour choosing to axe Brent Council services (& closing libraries) & the reduction in Co2 when in comes to council buildings.

Scott B