Sunday, 14 August 2016

Fryent Country Park Rangeelu Gujerat event next weekend

Part of Fryent Country Park, Kingsbury, will be given over the Rangeelu Gujerat Festival on Saturday 20th August and Sunday 21st August.  The Festival will run from 10am until 8pm.

The London boroughs of Brent and Harrow have the highest number of Gujerati speakers in London and the event is supported by Brent Council.

The organiser's state:

The two day event will provide a large platform to showcase Gujarat's Arts, Literature, Food, Fashion, Music, Dance, Tourism and much more. Visitors will experience an interactive walk through of market stalls, scents,  artisans and street food, live music and a kite event. The folk dancers, along with traditional costumes, perform and there is Gujarati comedy offering back-home jokes and phrases. Rangeelu Gujarat is a celebration of life, festivities and culture of Gujarat. Discover bestowing grace and elegance and gather to experience the diverse traditions and the generosity and hospitality of Gujarati people.
The event will be held on the Upper Hydes meadow and according to an unsigned notice at the park entrance this has been closed to the public until Monday August 22nd. The Fryent Way car park will be closed from August 18th until August 22nd with temporary alternative parking at Richard's West.

See map below:


Philip Grant said...

I hope that the visitors to the Rangeelu Gujarat event next week-end enjoy themselves, and the beautiful Country Park that will provide its setting.

The map extract above gives just a few of the old field names from this historic piece of Middlesex countryside, saved for our enjoyment by the good sense of Wembley and Middlesex Councils in the 1920's and 1930's. Although the event will be held on the former Harrow Parish side of the Country Park, you can get a taste of the history of this area from an illustrated article, "The Hay Meadows of Kingsbury", in the Brent Archives online collection at:

There have been various threats to the Country Park in the past, and one of them is topical. When London was considering a bid for the 1988 Olympic Games, Wembley Stadium (which had hosted the 1948 Olympics) was proposed as the main venue. If the 1988 Games had been awarded to London, most of Fryent Country Park would have been transformed into an Olympic Village for the athletes!


Jaine Lunn said...

OMG thank god it never happened. This is one of the very few green open spaces we have to enjoy. A really true open space that all residents can just ramble take in the scenery and escape the mayhem, traffic and pollution of Wembley Central. Let us all be grateful for small things that I and my friends will continue to appreciate as long as I live in this neighbourhood. Thanks Philip for the info.