Sunday 14 August 2016

Wembley Creative Saturday Market invitation

Due to the information being somewhat confusing (see comments below)  I have deleted the original post and reproduce here the original email (unedited) from Regenovate.  I suggest you email them for any additional information.
Interested in running your own market stall?
Got a creative idea you'd like to try out?
We wanna hear from you!
Small Business opportunities at Creative Wembley Market

Creative Wembley Market is now taking applications for their Creative Wembley Market Initiative. The program offers participants the opportunity to trade at their weekend market at discounted rates for a 4 month period.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Delivered by Regenovate CIC and Brent Ward Working the project seeks to engage with local creative individuals, businesses  and community groups to promote innovative and alternative retail concepts on Wembley High Street.

We are particularly keen to support but not exclusively:
Residents from in and around Wembley High Street
Those who have a unique and creative product
Those who have had considerably creative input in their product
Those seeking to start their own small creative business
Those wishing to trial the response to their product
Those selling alternative food offerings / who have grown their own food

For more information please visit where you can download our information pack or feel free to contactMark Banfield at
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Jaine Lunn said...

I am very confused. These people attempted to create a market back in 2014 nothing materialised. Meanwhile Space did nothing, neither did Regenovate, only put up banners but we never saw anything in Wembley Central. 18 months later they are now trying to do something. Big Local Wembley Central is now Wembley Futures and I can confirm have had no contact with Regenovate whatsoever. No participation in the Wembley Festival or any communication. Martin, please clarify your post.

Martin Francis said...

Hi Jaine, interesting. Regenovate sent the information to me over the weekend. The PDF as you can see clearly states the market is supported by Brent Council, the Hub and Big Local Wembley Central. Perhaps they are re-using information from the 2014 attempt? Regenovate are also involved with 'Brent Mini-Pride'which is happening in September.

Jaine Lunn said...

Thanks Martin, must be recycling old info.

Martin Francis said...

Yes. Mark Banfield has confirmed that they are working in partnership with Brent Council and that Big Local/Wembley Futures and the Hub ar not involved. The information on the form will be updated. They are woking with Quintain and the LDO.

A bemused observer said...

Thus most of the information supplied was incorrect and misleading. This does not bode well for the organising of the project, especially bearing in mind that it is aimed at people wanting to set up in business and training and support is promised. If the organiser is unable to get even the basic information about the project correct how are they going to guide and support people who are starting out?

An extremely confused possible stallholder said...

Seeing the latest version of this notification I feel even more confused
If the market is going to be held in the car park of Chesterfield House - sited on the lower roof of the building - how can this be done without the consent and support of the Hub Group who own the building which is about to have the building hoardings put up around it, when its demolition will start.
Where does the LDO or the developers of Wembley Park (Qintain/Lone Star ot Texas) fit into a market at Chesterfield House?
I am bemused by the stated cost of renting a stall. I did not think that any month contained more than 5 Saturdays at the most with normally 4.
Perhaps Mr Bamfield can enlighten us.
In the meantime I think I will pass on Mr Bamfield's offer.

Martin Francis said...

Thanks. It has been hard getting clarification on this. Due to the confusion I am considering taking the post down. If I do the post above will be largely blank!

Jaine Lunn said...

still confused, awaiting a decision by the Judges, bit like the Olympics, points count for degree of difficulty along with execution. Brent Council is lagging behind as they have not read the rules and have not figured out how to work the system to best effect to avoid objections from the Team Coach (i.e the Public, Council Tax Payers) Watch this space I am sure it will come good eventually. Big up to the massive of Mike Hines and Philip Grant any tips will be much appreciated.