Thursday 25 August 2016

Welsh Harp Festival on Saturday at Neasden Recreation Ground

From Black Training and Enterprise Group

The Summer Festival  (Nooon-4pm) is being organised by a team of young people from the Welsh Harp ward in the London of Brent. It is a ‘social action project’ encouraged by three local Councillors and facilitated by BTEG. It will  have a range of activities including:
  • Football tournament – for both boys and girls and different age groups
  •  ‘Cake Off’ competition
  • Treasure Hunt in conjunction with local bird watching organization
  • Races – including egg and spoon, three legged, bean bad throwing etc. for children and parents
  • Open Mic – chance for people to show-off their skills/singing
  • Music in conjunction with BANG Radio
  • Stalls including information about the Welsh Harp and boating,
  • Make-up masterclasses
  • Face painting, henna
  • Yoga, pilates, gentle exercise
  • Bouncy Castle
The festival is about supporting young people to develop team and leadership skills, event management and confidence, promoting the beauty of the Welsh Harp and promoting community cohesion. 
The Festival takes place in Neasden Recreation Ground 
Editor's comment: Watch out for  McDonald's marketing as a local franchise owner is funding the stage, balloons and face painting.

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