Saturday 20 August 2016

Swimming pool at Wembley Lesiure Centre opening soon

Wembley Leisure Centre will be opening soon at Grand Felda House on Empire Way, Wembley Park which is yet another student accommodation block.

The Leisure Centre will be run by Better, an off-shoot of the GLL social enterprise. There will be 100+ station gym as well as the 25m swimming pool.

Swimming facilities for Wembley have long been an aspiration for many families. Recently the French School's application for a pool on its site was turned down by Brent Planning Committee.  A few years ago a temporary pool at Chalkhill Primary School proved very popular.

It appears from their website that the pool will be bookable by school groups and families but it will be important to check out the costs.

This is what Better say about swimming lessons on their website LINK:
Better Swim School teach more than 90,000 swimmers throughout the UK, and our swim school programme is designed to be flexible and affordable, with prices starting from as little as £3 per lesson (dependent on location). Our experienced, qualified teachers follow the Amateur Swimming Association's National Learn to Swim Teaching Plan. We support all swimmers to progress and take the plunge, whatever their level of ability. Suitable for all age groups, our classes include:
  • One-to-one sessions
  • Under 5s
  • Adult lessons
  • And much, much more...
On your first visit you can to collect your child's membership card from reception. You'll also get a free swimming hat from your swimming teacher, as these must be worn for every lesson.
Progress Tracking
Better Swim School provides an online tool - our Home Portal - that helps you to track your progress or your child's progress in the pool. Once you book a course, it's easy to set up an account using your unique barcode number. Once registered, you'll be able to log in to access information and updates directly from your swimming instructor. Features include:
  • Record of Achievement - clear and regular updates on progress, including achievements and areas for improvement.
  • Book Lessons - choose dates, times and Swim School Stage (subject to availability).
  • One account for multiple children - perfect for schools and families.
  • Allowing you to move up unto the next class upon successful progression.
  • Printing your Parent Barcode to gain quick access to our centres at lesson times.
  • Pay Online - skip the queue and go straight to your lesson.
Our Lessons
Lessons are delivered on a rolling programme that allows pupils to join at any stage and progress at their own pace. For those who want to make waves quickly, one-to-one lessons are available, as well as intensive courses during the holidays. Our lessons operate for 50 weeks of the year with a gap in lessons over the Christmas period.


Jaine Lunn said...

At last, so looking forward to be able to swim in Wembley, instead of travelling out the borough. Vale Farm is so past it's sell by date.

Anonymous said...

Willesden Sport Centre? The last time I checked, it was still in the borough!

Anonymous said...

The problem with Willesden Sports Centre is that if you live at this end of the borough is easier to travel to pools outside the borough than to Willesden Sports Centre if you are dependent on public transport. All the relaxation etc derived from going for a swim is drowned by the frustrations of getting transport links.

Jaine Lunn said...

100% agree