Wednesday 3 August 2016

Cllr Southwood working on improving bulk waste collection service times with officers

A few minutes after I tweeted an update of my story on the long service times of Veolia's bulk waste collections LINK Cllr Eleanor Southwood tweeted that she shared frustrations at the service times and said that she was working with officers to improve the service.


Jaine Lunn said...

I would like to know why is Veolia visiting my residential street at 02.30 am reversing down the street as the truck is to large to drive down and make the turning at the end, lights flashing and beeping, making a terrible noise waking up all the whole of neighbourhood, many residents work shifts etc. This is collecting Business waste. 30 years I have lived in the street and collection is getting later and later. The joke is we are in a CPZ until 6.30 pm and there are far fewer cars parked in the street prior to that time than later. Many other independent Waste Contractors such as Biffa and Simple manage to do their waste collections prior to 7pm in the evening. I am sick of complaining to both Brent Council and Veolia. Watch out Veolia and Brent if you are reading this I am now going to make it my mission that if you do not collect before 9.00pm I am taking affirmative action you will not be able to reverse or get in my street after this time. Be warned I have a lot of support from my neighbours, sort it out. Cllr Duffy if you can help please do.

Jaine Lunn said...

Update, not a Kingdom Enforcement Officer in sight, so disappointed. But on the other hand no public order offences were visible and Liverpool and Barcelona were really well behaved fans. Bring on tomorrow Manchester United v Leicester City. I am keeping an open mind